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Canadia Tower, Phnom Penh
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Job description

- Provide fair and consistent treatment to all employees

- Prevent and resolve problems arising from situations at work place- Labor law Compliance and Consultation

- Assists in the development and implementation of personnel policies and procedures

- Employee Engagement and Problem Solving:

- Grievance and Labor Dispute Resolving

- Investigates and responds to disciplinary matters

- Internal Rule and Disciplinary Monitoring

- Negotiates and administer labor agreements.

- Monitor the Infirmary and Nursing Service

- Liaise well with all government Ministry and build good communication as well.

- Undertake project or other work as assigned by, Department Head, Senior Managers, and must report after the assignment is completed.

- Dealing in HRIS data entry and accurate information

Job requirements

- Holds on Master Degree/Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management or other related fields.

- A minimum 3 to 5 years of proven professional experience in Human Resource Management (HRM).

- Significant experience in providing all aspects of human resources management and development supports in Cambodia context with knowledge of country law and regulations on employment.

- Well know how the labor union works well- Excellent communication, diplomatic and organizational skills.

- Ability to work under pressure and with staff at all levels.

- Be able to deal with difficult situations.

- Good budgeting and resource allocation skills.

- Good Command in English and Chinese is an advantage.

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Contact information

Company Name: Mega Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Address: Canadia Tower at 10th floor, No. 315, Ang Duong Street, (Corner of Monivong Blvd), Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Contact number: 087/078 882 555

Email address:

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