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Internal Audit
Canadia Tower, Phnom Penh
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Job description

- Manage effectively the audit team and carrying out audits of all projects of MAM, which cover in Phnom Penh and Province areas as planned.

- Independently assessing, evaluating and consulting to the management in relation to the internal control system and managing risks to add value and improve the overall business operations of the MAM projects.

- Examining any weaknesses and/or potential weaknesses in the line management (policy, procedures or operational activities) based on the risk rating (critical or major), which may impact to the business operations of the MAM. If any major weaknesses and / or potential weaknesses, discuss the weaknesses with the line manager.

- Proposing and updating the Internal Audit Procedures of each assigned project as necessary.

- Acting as a consultant to all the MAM projects, particularly ensuring that organization, policies, standard operating procedures, accounting principles, business process, risk management, internal control, governance and information systems are appropriately aligned to achieve the MAM goals effectively and efficiently, and in a manner that contains risks to an acceptable level.

- Being liaison officer to external parties of the MAM in relation to internal audit function.

- Review the internal audit report and submit to the Head of Internal Audit for final review.

- Providing coaching note to subordinates upon the review of audit work.

- Assist Deputy/Head Department for annual audit planning.

Job requirements

- Bachelor Degree in finance or Accounting, CAT/ACCA, or related fields.

- Good English writing or Chinese is considered as priority.

- Experience at least two and three years for Supervisor Audit respectively.

- Willing to travel and work in provinces for a period of time.

- Accomplishment of audit work following the schedule as planned.

- Good team work with respect of audit ethic.

- Contribute feedback/idea to the audit department on potential process enhancements where team improvement is possible.

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Contact information

Company Name: Mega Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Address: Canadia Tower at 10th floor, No. 315, Ang Duong Street, (Corner of Monivong Blvd), Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Contact number: 087/078 882 555

Email address:

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