Legal & Contract Coorinator

Director Office
Canadia Tower, Phnom Penh
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Job description

- Coordinate legal procedures with the attorney including document preparation, letter/announcement preparation, client/stakeholder’s appointments, meeting minutes taking, legal advice analysis, root cause analysis, and detailed problem investigation;

- Work with the Project Managers/GM to execute the legal advice, ensure effective implementation of the legal actions, give feedback to the attorney and assistant to co-director, and follow up the case;

- Work with Finance Division and Director Office to trace the financial movements/Accounts Receivable change, ask for business conceptual advice, and seek for management responses; and consolidate the legal and business advice into an effective formula and propose to top management for implementation;

- Provide legal consultation, code of conduct, and actions to management team and plan the execution plan to ensure lawfulness and legal compliance;

- Process the legal documents to the court, ministry of interior, and other authorities when necessary;

- Conduct site visits and legal/compliance inspection, and give constructive feedback to the manager in charge to eliminate risks and enhance profitability;

- Assist in preparing and/or reviewing commercial contracts including but not limited to purchase agreements, contractor's agreements, labor contracts, bidding documents, service provision contracts, leasing contracts, etc;

- Liaise with HR Division to

Job requirements

- Bachelor’s Degree of Law, Public Administration, or another related field;

- At least 3 years of work experience in the field of legal compliance, contract management, and debt problem solving;

- Possess strong knowledge in Civil Law, Criminal Law, Cambodian Labor Law, Property Management Law and Regulation, Court Administration System, etc;

- Ability to effectively communicate with peers, managers, and clients;

- Demonstrate ability to influence people such as stakeholders, tenants, and employees;

- Strong organizational and interpersonal skills;

- Strong time management and task prioritization skills.

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Contact information

Company Name: Mega Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Address: Canadia Tower at 10th floor, No. 315, Ang Duong Street, (Corner of Monivong Blvd), Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Contact number: 087/078 882 555

Email address:

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