MEP Supervisor

Olympia C7
Olympia City, Phnom Penh
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Job description

- Monitor and examine all technical works and site management

- Manage workers’ daily performance and solve the problem at Site.

- Assist project manager and site manager in implementing project

- Manage materials and work force in daily operation

-  Check & Revise/Detail/Shop drawing for all technical work

-  Check & Revise/Detail/Shop drawing for all technical work.

- Carry out auditing process, verifying the compliance of policies and procedure of the firm’s operations

- Good teamwork and problem-solving skill

Job requirements

- A bachelor's Degree in electrical or mechanical construction / project management, engineering or qualified in a related field.

- Minimum of 3 year experience in building design and/or facility management of large complex projects.

- Must have strong Mechanical Engineering skills in the area of Electrical and Plumbing

- Must understand the complete function of Electrical and Plumbing system.

- Witnessing of all MEP system testing and performance of all systems and installations

- Experience in operating large complex facilities.

- Experience in providing performance testing of all systems.

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Contact information

Company Name: Mega Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Address: Canadia Tower at 10th floor, No. 315, Ang Duong Street, (Corner of Monivong Blvd), Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Contact number: 087/078 882 555

Email address:

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