Canadia Industrial Park

Canadia Industrial Park covers an area of 36 hectares, a large industrial park built by Soun Ouksahakam Cana City Investment Ltd., with the aim of attracting foreign investors and factory owners, both domestic and foreign. Since 1996, Canadia Industrial Park has built nearly 65 buildings, including factories, workers' houses, warehouses and canteens. The industrial park is equipped with all kinds of facilities and technology such as generators, water supply stations, reservoirs, telecommunication systems (internet), security administration, firefighting systems, health services, warehouses, markets, theme parks, parks, landfills and sewers. These features have attracted nearly 39 factory owners from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea and Japan to invest in the construction of 60 factories and production operations in the industrial park, including garments, textiles, fabrics, and socks, cardboard and so on. Production in many other sectors with the aim of exporting to European markets, the United States and other regions around the world.

Address: Trapeang Thloeunge Village, Veng Sreng St., Chomchau Quarter, Porchenchey District,Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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