Diamond Glass Processing Plant

Diamond Glass was established in 2006 with the high-tech equipment for glass processing of multiple types of glass to satisfy the growing demand in Cambodia's growing economy.

The Diamond Glass Processing Plant was estblished in  2012. Thanks to the support of all our valued clients, our business is thriving. In order to meet demands in the booming construction industry, we built a new glass processing plant with high-tech intelligent equipment in 2021 to provide high-quality energy-saving glass.  Our factory is well-equipped with high processing technology including cutting, grinding, drilling, tempering, curved tempered glass, heat-bending glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, sandblasting, back painted glass, screen printing glass (Frit), and a CNC glass processing center. We are also constructor of glass projects include: glass railings, Skylights, canopies, indoor partition walls, bathroom partition walls, mirror projects, aluminum doors and windows, spider curtain walls, structural curtain walls, and united curtain walls.

鑽石玻璃加工廠成立於2011 年,承蒙各界支持,推動本廠業務蒸蒸日上;為了滿足欣欣向榮的建築行業對玻璃的需求,於2021 增設新生產線、引進高科技智能設備,為建築行業提供高質量節能玻璃。本廠擁有高端技術工藝,加工工藝包括:切、磨、鉆孔、鋼化、彎鋼、熱彎、中空、夾膠、噴砂、烤漆、絲印彩釉、CNC異形加工中心。其它業務包括承包玻璃工程:玻璃欄桿、采光頂、雨棚玻璃、室內隔斷、浴室隔斷,鏡子工程、鋁門窗、點式幕墻、結構幕墻、單元幕墻…等等,及其它與玻璃有關工程。

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