Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating sustainable opportunities with us

As one of Cambodia's leading investment groups, we are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact through our investments and to strengthen the communities in which we work.

Nurturing opportunities for Cambodia's future generations

Changing the status quo

We're always seeking a better approach. We always seek to find innovative solutions to our clients, people and the communities we serve. A good company challenges the status quo; a great company changes it for the better.
Empowering our people
It's not enough to simply help people in need. At it's core social responsibility starts with an ongoing commitment to giving back. The more we give, the more we get back.
Integrating ESG

Since inception our environmental, social and governance criteria has been integral to all our investments and partnerships. We are continually committed to to investing in responsible practices across our portfolio.
Community involvement

At OCIC we take pride in giving back to our communities. We believe it's our responsibility as Cambodia's leading group to be actively involved in grants, donations and funding.

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