C7 Fortune Tower

The Fortune Tower is a part of Olympia City under Mega Asset Management offering a great place for business operation. It is surrounded by luxury condominiums, plaza, modern shops, world-class retail, hotel, medical hub, and international brand.

The Fortune Tower is a Grade B commercial building in The Olympia Complex, centrally located in Phnom Penh City. There are a total of 25 storeys. With 4 storeys being shophouses, which at present are full of commercial activities. There are SOHO (Small Office Home Office) from 5F to 9F, and office space from 10F to 25F.  With 9 elevators in The Fortune Tower, providing convenient and fast access to all tenants. With a large underground parking area, the Fortune Tower is a great choice for companies wishing to own office space in the city center packed with commercial activities.

The Fortune Tower(财富大厦)是一座B及商业办公楼,位于金边市中心的奥林匹亚综合开发城内。财富大厦共有25层。首4层为店面商铺,5层到9层为SOHO (小型办公室家庭办公室),10层到25层为办公室。财富大厦配有9部电梯,为所有租户提供方便快捷的服务,地下停车场广阔。对于希望把办公地点设定在市中心而且充满商业活动地带的投资商与开发商来说,财富大厦是一个最佳的选择。