Intercare Launches New Visa Health Check Center

July 14,2023- Phnom Penh, Cambodia Intercare, a leading healthcare service provider, has launched its new Visa Health Check Center to offer comprehensive health assessments to individuals who are applying for visas to travel, work, study, or migrate to other countries. The Visa Health Check Center will provide a range of health services to ensure that travelers meet the health requirements for their destination country. The center will initially provide services to meet the health check requirement for people traveling to Australia.

According to Mr. Jason Harrison, General Manager of Intercare, "We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Visa Health Check Center. As a trusted provider of quality healthcare services, we are committed to ensuring that travelers receive the best care possible. Our team of healthcare professionals will provide comprehensive health assessments to ensure that travelers meet the health requirements for their destination country."

The event was attended by corporate partners, including Intercare's sister companies OCIC, Canadia Bank, Dara Insurance, and CamTech, among others. Okhna Mr. Charles Vann, EVP of Canadia Group, was also present, as well as our guest of honor, Mr. Ben Cumming, First Secretary of the Australian Embassy in Cambodia. Mr. Cumming represented the Australian Ambassador Justin Whyatt atthe event, as we welcomed their delegation as the first partners/clients in our new Visa Health Check Centers.

All Australian visa subclasses require applicants to meet health requirements, and the specific health examination an applicant needs and its requirements dependon various factors such as the type of visa they are applying for, the duration of their stay, the purpose of their visit, the country they are applying from, and any special circumstances that apply to them. Additionally, applicants with history of significant medical conditions may have additional requirements. The visa applicants must arrange with immigration panels by themselves. Therefore, it is great that Intercare is now part of the process because it is such an accessible part of the prominent medical provision landscape. Panel members must maintain the integrity of the health examination process by observing a very strict identification procedure and ensure no conflict of interest. This is why Mr. Ben Cumming, First Secretary of the Australian Embassy in Cambodia, expressed his pride in Intercare's inclusion in the process: "They are the provider that we know and trust, the provider that we have confidence to work with the standards that we have."

Intercare plans to expand its visa health check services to other countries, including the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and more. With the launch of this new department, Intercare aims to provide travelers with convenient and efficient access to the health services they need to meet the requirements for their visa applications.

Clinic Customer Service & General Information: 023 996 900
Emergency Hotline: 0968 119 119
English: +855 10 678 324
Khmer: +855 78 494 998

Address: Olympia Medical Hub Building, Street 161, Sangkat Veal Vong, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh

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