Promenade Festival at the Elysee, powering through the Finals

Promenade Festival at the Elysee, powering through the Finals

OCIC’s Promenade Festival successfully launched its first ever monthly extravaganza at the Elysee Koh Pich. With the first theme of football, the event drew thousands of people to watch as we brought to the public, as a FIFA licensed exhibitor, the best cinematic live audio and visual displays of the 2022 World Cup in Phnom Penh. Promenade Festival brought uninterrupted games from the group stages all the way to the coming Finals on December 18th, 2022.

The location, situated at the heart of Phnom Penh is bringing both vendors and leisure from across the city as we showcase all culinary fusions from the east and the west together with drinks sure to keep our football fans glued to their seats. In addition to monthly thematic themes, we continue to deliver with live performances and guest DJs bringing people together on a quick get-away and a place for the friends and family to relax.

With the quarterfinal starting on the 9th December with the semifinals and finals to follow, the Promenade Festival is driven to generate even greater interest for the games as fans both locally and internationally come and cheer for their teams to the fullest. In anticipation, the event organizers are now offering for the first time free-flow beer options starting only at US$5 from 5PM to 7PM and in addition, a free bucket when you take a photo as well as share and promote the event.

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